French Fry Lady's actual vocation....feels more like a VACATION!!!

Because I worked so hard to hide the fact I wasn't like everyone else in the world when it comes to eating, I became the BEST at what I do, a self proclaimed workaholic!!


Still apprehensive about this issue,  you won't see me promoting "French Fry Lady" on my real estate brokerage site, however, I will shamelessly promote real estate here!!   :-)


It wasn't until DUKE UNIVERSITY (the most prominent medical college in the US) and UNIVERSITY of PENNSYVANIA started their research on this odd eating behavior that people actually believed this wasn't something I "made up".     The doctors at DUKE have consulted with me on numerous occasions in hopes to find out more about this unique condition.  They are looking for a genetic link and I remain as one of 5 adults in their core study group, and am very honored to have been able to help in their research!  


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