Good Morning America SEGMENT aired October 26, 2012


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I think I can understand the derogatory comments made by so many, as they only viewed a 2 minute "segment" of a life long struggle.... in fact, many comments made reflect strongly the type of comments I've had to endure my entire life....not so much fun!?


Thankfully, due to the recent media attention to this disorder, many people have discovered they are not the ONLY ones that have been hiding for years they can't eat "normal" foods.


My INABILITY to eat most foods continues to frustrate and astound me to THIS DAY.   Started about 4 months old when I was unable to transition from soft baby foods to stage 2 baby foods.


Although, I'm an anomaly with my great health, there are many others that aren't so lucky.   Many comments are striking "back" and saying SHE CAN'T BE HEALTHY, etc. etc.     This is not about promoting this ODD diet, it's about gaining acceptance for those who have this issue.    After several months of studying this specifically, Dr Nancy Zucker of the Duke University has come to just THAT conclusion, there needs to be an acceptance and understanding.


Sorry for those that don't want to truly listen & understand.